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Outdoor Flooring Rental Massachusetts

Our sturdy Temporary outdoor flooring is made by Terraplas Terraturf designed for pedestrian use on outdoor grass turf or other terrain to create a more stable surface’s that can even handle light equipment like server carts or small vehicles with pneumatic tires like john deer gators or trolleys. This flooring is not a perfect fix for every scenario and works best on relatively even ground but it will drastically improve a slightly bumpy area and create a more high end experience especially if used as a sub floor and combined with other flooring on top.  Terraplas flooring was original designed for Wimbledon and other large stadiums to protect their grass/turf from pedestrian foot traffic during different events. We typically install outdoors but this temporary flooring is also great for indoor arenas, basketball courts, and much more. 


Designed with your grass in mind it also has small air holes to allow the ground to breath even while it is installed and prevents your guests from ruining your grass. While our system is new, the quality shows as many of Terrplas's original floor systems are still in use since they first began making them over 30 years ago! Click here To learn more about Terraplas Terraturf on their site

Terraplas Terraturf is great to use on its own and it also works great as a sub floor to create a clean more stable platform underneath other flooring rentals such as our Dance Floor Rentals, or if you have carpet or other flooring being installed over it.  If the ground is to wavy for our dance floor alone it may even be necessary to use Terraplas to even out small dips. Terraplas also works well with staging by creating a more even starting point but it is still necessary to use timber pads for stages to spread the load. Our Terraplas temporary flooring rental is helpful to create a more stable platform for any use. 

Rental Pricing With Setup, Delivery and take Down Included

Less than 1000 square feet is $2 per square foot. 

1000 square feet or more is $1.8 per square foot.

Each panel is exactly 3.25x6.5 feet so is 21.125 square feet. = $42.25 per panel

up to 6000 square feet available.

Visit our Terraplas Terraturf product page to place an order! 

Rental Instructions

If you are already renting a package or tent, be sure you selected the correct dates for your tent or package then simply add the required amount of Terraplas Terraturf panels  to your cart before checking out and we will be able to easily link the flooring to your main order.

If renting flooring without one of our tents please contact  us so we can arrange your dates and give a proper quote as this page is made to be added to an existing tent or party packages.


Most Common Rental Amounts

13x13 sub floor for 12x12 dance floor rental = 8 panels

15x15 sub floor for 15x15 dance floor = 10 panels

Sub floor for 20x20 tent = 18 panels 

Sub floor for 20x40 tent = 36 panels 

If you have any questions about temporary flooring rentals contact us below  and we will be happy to build you a custom quote or package and we can even draw the exact layout using our special mapping software. 

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