Learn about the tent rental process before booking your rental.

How do i book a tent in Massachusetts ? 

Use our online calendar tool to book your rental.

-Simply go to the product page for the tent or package you wish to rent.

-Choose your desired rental date  by selecting which tent or package you are renting, then under the product image select which day you need it for 

-input your event address and hit “Book Now”.

-Your Rental will now be in your cart and you can check out!

Your selected dates should be shown under the products title in your cart,  so if you don't see your event details at checkout please remove the items from your cart and start over from the product page. If you need your tent for longer than the weekend you will need to book two reservations. 

We Require All Payments Up Front to Ensure Seamless Delivery. Your booking is not confirmed or added to our calendar until payment has been made in full, so do not expect us to show up if you haven’t paid your invoice. 

Is There a Delivery Fee? 

Free Delivery up to 30 miles from Quincy Massachusetts!

 Click Here To View Our Full Delivery Area

( $4 for every mile over the first 30 miles as it costs us $1 per mile to drive one way and we usually have to setup and take down your tent so thats 4x the distance from you to our spot in Quincy Ma.) 

Delivery and setup. Delivery and setup is included in all our tents pricing. Most parties are on Saturday or Sunday. We typically set up on the day before your booking, So if you made a rental for a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday we would setup on Thursday or Friday and take down on Monday or Tuesday .  The tent/tent package is yours for the weekend, so think about how to best get your money’s worth (host a brunch the next morning, or have friends over for evening drinks and cookout the night before your event).

(Special requests outside our normal work flow are subject to a minimum $450 fee) 


Do the Tents Come With Lighting?

All our tents come with waterproof Led lights at no additional cost that provide plenty of light for your guests under the canopy, if you need more lighting for outside the tent we can rent out extra string lights as long as you have poles to hang them across your yard with or we could drape them from the tent to a nearby obstacle. 

What Package is Best For Me? 

That all depends on How many guests you are expecting, You don’t have to get this exactly right. We understand that you might not have a firm headcount yet, but plan on having everyone protected under the tent in case of rain. We can always bring a few extra chairs and an extra table if things change!

Do Party Packages Come With Linens? 

We include the cost of cleaning our cotton linens which can take a bit more effort than synthetic fibers. 

IF YOU DONT WANT LINENS use code NOCLOTH  at checkout for $100 OFF a 40 person rental and use code NOLINEN for $200 off a 60 or 80 person package. 

if you want your linens pressed please contact us as this costs $20 more per linen. (it costs us $28 per linen to have them pressed and hung to dry wrinkle free)  


Will Applying for Shop Pay Installments Affect My Credit? 

Shop Pay installments are a great option for those looking to break up their booking into 4 equal payments either bi weekly or monthly payments. According to affirm and Shop Pay applying for either bi weekly or monthly payments won’t affect your credit even if you're denied. Bi weekly payments will never go against your credit but if you miss a monthly payment that may be reported.

 For up to date info on Shop Pay Installments Please Click Here.

 *Shop Pay  is a completely separate entity than BZ Tent rentals and we only relay what we’ve been told by them to the best of our knowledge but sometimes their policy’s can update without us knowing so we suggest you check their terms before applying. 

What should i know about set up? 

We need a completely unobstructed space to set up tents. We can then move the tent over patios, shrubs or small plants but the ground where the tent will rest must be level, even if some legs are in the dirt and some are on concrete. Our 40 person tents are 20ftx20ft and our 60/80 person tents are 20ftx40ft.


Any underground hazards to consider? We use a sledgehammer to pound stakes into the ground roughly 3’ (feet) deep. We need to know if there are underground hazards like septic tanks, sprinkler lines, or electrical lines running to your shed, pool, or anything else we can’t see. Also be aware we are not responsible for any harm to your lawn. If you are worried about sprinklers Typically the main water lines are in a grid pattern pattern within a foot or two of the sprinkler heads and around the perimieter of the yard, if you can put some kind of markers or small flags where the sprinkler heads are that will help us do our best to avoid the main lines, but we cant make any promises. 

Need setup on concrete?
Thats ok! we can usually reach some form of grassy area with our straps which reach up to 10 feet from the legs of our tents.
if you dont have access to grass we can use white 50 gallon water  barrels that weigh over 400+ pounds once filled. We will just need access to a hose on setup day. Please Contact us before booking if you need water barrels.

(water barrels are $50 a piece for the weekend and you will need at least 2 per leg that cant reach grass)

PLEASE NOTE tents secured with water barrels can not be setup with sidewalls. It is against our safety policy. 

Please Call Dig Safe (811) at least one week prior to installation if you are unsure of any hazards. They need at least 48 hour notice but its best to give them at least 1 week. 

How do I avoid any Damage Fees? 

Please also only use our provided lights and ask us about any additional lighting before using it to avoid risk of fire. 

Please NO tiki lights within 50 feet of tent, The soot leaves permanent marks.

Please No grilling under the Tent, Although our tents are flame resistant these are not meant for cooking under only for serving and the fire department doesn't allow open flames under them. You can grill nearby but soot and grease will ruin the tops of the tents so please leave distance from our tents and any open flames. 

Please NO tape or staples are to be used on the tents, tables or chairs. They leave sticky residue and the harsh cleaners needed to remove them can ruin our equipment. 

We want to provide each customer with the same top quality experience when renting from us so we keep our equipment clean and replace anything as soon as it is damaged. We want to avoid any issues to keep your event as hassle free as possible, so please be respectful of our rental items while you borrow them from us so we can provide the next customer the same experience you had. Neglectful Damages will be assessed and may require minor compensation. But dont worry If something out of your control happens while you’re in possession of our equipment such as a tree falling etc. we are fully insured and you wont be held responsible for the damages of an accident. 

For the safety of you and your guests only our professional team can handle the placement of the tent, stakes, straps, and dance floors. Please snap a picture of the desired setup spot or have someone present on day of setup so we can get the placement perfect for your vision. If you move or adjust any of our tents or dance floors including Sidewalls, straps and stakes at any time for any reason during your rental you void all right to our insurance and you assume all risk and liability for any possible damages or injuries to guests that may occur. 

How do i know if the tent will fit? 

Its easy to measure if our packages will fit, Our 40 person package uses our 20’x20’ foot tent which requires at least 22’X22’ feet of space for our stakes or waterbarrels. Our 60/80 person packages uses our 20’x40’ foot tent which requires at least 22’x42’ feet of space. Still Unsure if the tent will fit? Send pics and address! Snap a few photos of the area and text them along with the address of the event location to our number at the bottom of the site! We will match the location of the photo with our software that uses google maps to accurately measure out your yard within a foot of accuracy. And if that doesn’t work we can come out to measure ourselves for a $150 site visit fee which will be added to your rental quote. 


Still unsure or nervous? Call Dig Safe! (811) It’s free! You can also Call or Text us below! 

If it’s in a backyard or private residence there is usually no need to apply for a permit unless you are having a party of 100 guests or more it is your call.  Smaller guests counts and structures 400 sq ft or  under usually do not require a permit regardless but if its in a rented space or a public location it is usually necessary to acquire a permit. We can provide you the documents you need from us to do so yourself, or we can file it for you with the town of setup for a $200 minimum fee. 

Where does the name “BZ” Tent Rentals come from? 

BZ Tent Rentals LLC is  is owned and operated by the Owners Brett and Zach, The BZ is our first initials. We are locals from the south shore and we grew up together in a small town called Marshfield. This company was made by locals, for locals. Thats why we try to make everything as straightforward as possible with no surprises or hidden fees which is why setup, delivery and  taxes are included into our pricing. We took our time designing our packages to include everything you need to make a headache free planning process. We want to save you that precious time you might spend with other companies getting quotes and checking the fine print when you should only be busy enjoying your event! 
We look forward to meeting you as we will also be the ones setting up your tent!