Learn about the tent rental process before booking your rental.

How to Book A Tent. 

Use our online calendar tool to book your rental.

-Simply go to the product page for the tent or package you wish to rent.

-Choose your desired rental date  by selecting which tent or package you are renting, then under the product image select which day you need it for 

-input your event address and hit “Book Now”.

-Your Rental will now be in your cart and you can check out!

Your selected dates should be shown under the products title in your cart,  so if you don't see your event details at checkout please remove the items from your cart and start over from the product page. If you need your tent for longer than the weekend you will need to book two reservations. 

Delivery and setup. Delivery and setup is included in all our tents pricing. Most parties are on Saturday or Sunday. We typically set up on the day before your booking,  and take down the day after. So if you made a rental for a Saturday or Sunday we would setup on Friday and take down on Monday.  The tent/tent package is yours for the weekend, so think about how to best get your money’s worth (host a brunch the next morning, or have friends over for evening drinks and cookout the night before your event).

We also provide waterproof Led lights at no additional cost that provide plenty of light for your guests under the canopy, and we can rent out extras if you have poles to run them across your yard with or drape from the tent to a nearby obstacle. 

you would like to run a string of lights across. 
How many guests are you expecting?
You don’t have to get this exactly right. We understand that you might not have a firm headcount yet, but plan on having everyone protected under the tent in case of rain. We can always bring a few extra chairs and an extra table if things change!

Where are we setting up the tent? We need a completely unobstructed space to set up tents. we can set up over patios, shrubs or small plants. Our 40 person tents are 20ftx20ft and our 60/80 person tents are 20ftx40ft.


Any underground hazards to consider? We use a sledgehammer to pound stakes into the ground roughly 3’ (feet) deep. We need to know if there are underground hazards like septic tanks, sprinkler lines, or electrical lines running to your shed, pool, or anything else we can’t see. Also be aware we are not responsible for any harm to your lawn. Please Call Dig Safe (811) at least one week prior to installation if you are unsure of any hazards. They need at least 48 hour notice. 

How to Avoid Damage Fees

Please NO tiki lights within 100 feet of tent. Although our tents are flame resistant Soot leaves permanent marks so please leave distance from our tents to any open flames. Please use our provided lights and ask us about any additional lighting you may want to use. 

Please NO Cooking under the tent. 

Please NO tape or staples are to be used on the tents, tables or chairs. Substantial Damages will be assessed and will require minor compensation.  

Unsure if the tent will fit? Send pics! Snap a few photos of the area to share with us!

Still unsure or nervous? Call Dig Safe! (811) It’s free! Or message us using our chat box below!