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Massachusetts Dance Floor Rental
Bring your party to another level with one of our  Stunning Dark Maple Dance Floors made to conform to the sometimes uneven Massachusetts terrain as long as it's reasonably flat! 

Our Dance Floor and Tent Rental Bundle is perfect to add to any of our any Party Packages

Best addition for small dances or weddings as well! Makes a great spot for a first dance or for just generally jamming out! 

 Assembly is relatively quick and will be done the day before your event. These floors are also water resistant so they can handle an accidental spill or two but they aren't water proof and can't endure the elements so to be installed outdoors they must be accompanied with one of our tent rentals so thhis tent bundle is the perfect addition to one of our Party Packages unless you already have a tent of your own, or they can be installed at an indoor venue. 

Whats the cost? 
please visit our Dance Floor Rentals page for up to dste pricing. Our prices are also assuming it be installed on relatively even ground .Our dance floors are designed to work with most terrains but if you have a troublesome area you may need to add our Terraplas Terraturf Subflooring Rental to create a more sturdy surface.  You would need at least 8 Panels for a 12x12 Dance floor to fit on top. We can help you make this decision if you are unsure snap us a photo of the area and text us it below so we can see if you will need too add sub flooring. we can help you make this decision right after or prior to your booking so you can avoid any unwanted hiccups on setup day.

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What should i know about setup?

You will need an empty 20x20 tent section to accommodate room for a dj and dance floor, that why bundling this 20x20 Tent with our dance floor then adding this bundle to your existing Party Package or Just Tent Rental is recommended. Our tents can be combined to make one even canopy.

 If another tent isn't in your budget another option is to set up some of the tables and chairs on the dance floor and then move the tables and chairs once ready to use the dance floor as those can be outside the tent, but the dance floor must remain under a canopy and any attempt to move it after placed will most likely damage it permanently so please leave it where we set it up. 


to avoid any damage fees 
No heating or fires on or near the dance floor. Other than that what happens on the dance floor stays on the dance floor! (unless your uncle did a backflip or something and you have it on video because we would love to see that!) And again Please do not move or try to disassemble the dance yourself or you could easily damage the connections that hold it together, so please wait for us to come and uninstall it. 

 Do Not move or try to disassemble the dance floor on your own it is cleated and cant be moved once installed or it will damage your lawn and our equipment. Our professional installation team may make assembly or disassembly look easier than it is, but please do not try to move or uninstall the dance floor once installed. The small pieces that hold it together can easily be damaged when disassembled,  and this will cost us extra time and money not calculated into your rental. Be sure to tell us the exact spot you want it when we setup and well make sure we arrange it perfectly to your vision! 

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