40x40 High Peak Frame Tent Rental

40x40  High Peak Tent Rental in Massachusetts custom options

Are you looking for where to rent  40x40 high peak frame tent in Massachusetts?

Theres a range of different style tents so how much a 40x40 tent rental costs will range depending on which style you choose. At BZ Tent Rentals  we only carry High Peak Frame Tents because of their superior quality and aesthetic compared to other frame tents and pole tents. High Peak Frame tents costs slightly more to purchase and maintain than the lower quality types mentioned but to really elevate an event we find the High Peak Frame Tent to be the only choice.

To book your custom sized tent simply book the amount of 20x20 high peak frame tents that you will need to create your desired size from the 20x20 high peak from tent page, or contact us and we can put the quote together for you and  email you it directly, we also offer tables chairs table linens and high top cocktail tables if you need those as well, simply select your dates from the tent page then add  the desired amount of tents to your cart and then add the chairs or tables you need and checkout. Or keep scrolling to learn more about how we connect multiple tents together to create any configuration needed. 


The best thing about our style of frame tent is we can connect multiple 20x20 tents using our specialized gutter system to create any size you need and have it act as one solid canopy, all of our tents act this way, from 20x40 high peak frame tent all the way to 20-100 high peak frame tent even a 40x40 or larger ,  



as you can see any rain is directed out to the edges, and we can connect as many tents as you like this way, we can even do a cost effective 40x40 up to a  40x100 high peak frame tent with as little intrusion as possible,

In larger configurations like these, we align the stakes within the tent close together to group them closer to the legs, so you can decorate the center poles if you like once everything is set up, it is best to be sure no one is able to access any of our straps, stakes or other equipment to maintain a safe environment for your guests. 

Book your custom  20x20 tent configuration here