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White Folding Resin Chair Rental

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Resin Chairs have become the newest trend to elevate your wedding event or Soiree in Massachusetts to a more elegant aesthetic than a basic get together.

 These are an elevated version of our basic folding chair, instead of being made of plastic and metal these are a thick solid resin frame with a built in cushion for more comfort, these are also rated for 1000lbs.

add these to a tent rental to create your own elevated version of our budget friendly packages that just have regular folding chairs, you will also need to add  some tables to your cart unless you have some.

If you'd like to upgrade the Folding Chairs in your Tent Party package to Resin Chairs, if will be $5 per chair to swap. Contact us or just build your own package on the site with all the items you need, make sure to select the correct date on your tent rental so we know what order to link the rest of the items to. 


Please contact us if looking for chairs or tables without a tent.  

(This Chair Rental Option is meant to be added on to existing tent rental, if you order just tables or chairs without  a tent there is a $100 delivery fee or more depending on date selected) 

These take up a lot more space though in our truck and require more care and time transporting than our normal folding chairs. but they are a great upgrade and worth the investment! 

You could also save some money and get one of our 40,60, or 80 Person Party Packages!